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Healthy Eating Program Presented to Timberville Broadway Senior Center and Price Rotary Senior Center

Mariah Fortman, an intern with Valley Program for Aging Services and a senior at James Madison University presented a Healthy Eating Program this past Wednesday for Timberville Broadway Senior Center and Price Rotary Senior Center.

Mariah touched on a lot of important topics for our Senior Center. The centers worked on how to properly read a nutrition label, and how to get the adequate nutrients from the food they buy. A fun game was played to determine appropriate portion sizes, and the members enjoyed the interactive, yet informative game. The program ended with a taste of some homemade apple chips, and a conversation on how to cook and buy food for one.

Many of the members offered some of their own tips on how to buy food on a budget, which lead to good conversation and participation from all. This is part one of two that Mariah will be presenting to TBSC and PRSC members.

Shroud of Turin Presentation at Price Rotary Senior Center

On Monday, April 7, the Price Rotary Senior Center welcomed Dr. Ray Schneider to talk to our members about the mysterious Shroud of Turin.

Schneider is a retired professor from Bridgewater College who taught mathematics and computer science, and spends much of his time researching about the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin is has been described to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, however there are many skeptics out there who are not quite sure what to believe.

A significant amount of research has been conducted on this topic, and Schneider presented these findings from both the faith prospective, and the eye of reason prospective.

The PRSC members showed much interest in the topic, and were excited to listen to his presentation.

Price Rotary Senior Center Local Council Meets

Price Rotary Senior Center Local Council met Monday, March 24. They were pleased to welcome Bill Greene as a new member to the Council.

The Advisory Council heard an update from Regional Director, Beth Bland. Beth updated members on the Annual Report, the latest variance report and also shared the funding requests that have been submitted to the local governments.

The Council also started processing what it means to be more of a directing and decision making group. One of the first decisions was to go to meeting on a monthly basis in order to effectively manage the new expectations. A second step was to explore publicity for the Senior Center and the variety of ways that could be addressed. Further action, in regards to publicity, will come after the Center Director supplies information to the council about topics and programming ideas for the rest of the year.

Timberville Broadway Senior Center, Price Rotary Senior Center Updated on CDSME

Joyce Nussbaum, Chronic Disease Self Management Education Coordinator, presented to the members of TBSC and PRSC Wednesday morning.

Joyce was able to talk about new things happening with CDSME and to also reinforce the positive coping skills that CDSME teaches. During the presentation, Joyce asked the group to define Chronic Disease and then to name some of them. Within that discussion, one topic stood out as something that seemed to affect many members. Joyce and the group took that opportunity to problem solve that topic.

This was a perfect example of how the CDSME program works! Thanks, Joyce, for the program!

Mereta’s Clothes Closet Opened Store for TBSC and PRSC

Mereta’s Clothes Closet, run by Larry and Mary Hand out of First United Methodist Church in Timberville, opened at a special time so that members of TBSC and PRSC could shop there. The clothes closet has nice lady’s and men’s clothing for very inexpensive prices.

This connection for this program was made through Meals on Wheels. Larry and Mary Hand deliver Meals on Wheels. Mary was looking to further the outreach of the clothes closet and invited us to visit.

The day was made extra special by Mary generously supplying wonderful refreshments for those waiting while others finished their shopping!

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